Monday, 22 December 2014

How To Choose Right Knife Sharpeners for Your Knives

It’s not wrong to say that “Knives are Man’s friend in Need”. Today there are millions of people around the world who believed in the same way. There might be people who have not come across any sought of knife online in their lifespan. Knife sharpeners are no doubt the most essential utility tools you have come across with as compared to other utility tools.

Once I heard a phrase which says that “A dull knife is more dangerous as compared to a sharpen edge knife”. I really appreciate this phrase and also believe in it.  Today the scenario of knives has changed a lot from which was like decades before. Knives are generating interest among all age group not as a utility tool to be used in the kitchen, but have taken it to a higher level. Now a days people, or rather I would like to call them knives enthusiasts and knife lovers are considering these knives for the purpose of self defense, camping or hunting trips, outdoor survival, and last but not the least these knives are being used as an article to be placed in your home decor. These knives are also being used for everyday carry when people are going for some outdoors.

I have heard many a times from people who love  to collect knives as collectibles and for everyday carry that their knife’s edges are getting dull and they are confused about the tools they should use to make them sharp again.
I would like to suggest all the knife user that they should use any sought of good knife sharpener which would be the best tool to get their knife edges razor sharp.

Today I am going to discuss about these knife sharpeners and how you should choose the right knife sharpeners for your knives. First of all you must think about what type of knife sharpener would be the best of you. This discussion is made after thinking that what types of knives you are carrying and then you should decide the right knife sharpener for you.

Here I am going to list some good knife sharpeners which would be suited to sharpen almost every knife and are most frequently used by the all the knife lovers and enthusiasts all around the world.

Sharpening Stones

Sharpening stones are the best knife sharpening tools you can use for sharpening your big blade knives. These sharpening stones are suitable to be used for the knives like kitchen knives, butcher knives, and other large blade knives. These sharpening stones use the traditional method, in which is the knife is slid against the wet stone in the opposite directions. These are suitable to be carried along with you when you are out for some camping or hunting.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

5 Must Have Knives When You Are Going For Hunting

Hunting is no doubt a very serious activity which should be initiated by those people who have a real enthusiast in this field. It takes immense skills, patience and perseverance to be possessed by an individual before being outside for hours, sometime at day and nights. Having the right gear packed in your Bug Out Bag can help you get the job done right when you are out for hunting trips.
Hunting Accessories Knife India 
Hunting knives is the most important tools you must never forget to take along with you. Hunters are usually confused and not able to decide what the best hunting accessories they should are kept along with them, so that there will not or chance of any threat or so.

Today I am going to give my opinion on the 5 must have knives for hunting. But before that I would like to categorize the types of hunting knives:

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Experts Review On Master Cutlery Knives

There might be people who are very willing to have a knife in their pocket, but does not able to decide the best one for them. They might be looking for the reviews about the knife brands. Master Cutlery Knife is the one which might find the perfect place in their pocket or in their hand.

Master Cutlery Knives are the most common selection for all the knives lovers and enthusiasts who want to carry a tool with them,which can used for many applications including self-defense, law-enforcement, cutting, slicing, peeling, etc.       
Master Cutlery Knives India

Master Cutlery is the brand of knives which is associated with an organization dedicated to making the best quality of knives with the best materials used in the world. It is well known for having an outstanding product quality, as well as unique & original design concepts.

No Brand can make its reputation overnight with any miracle, but its need continuous innovation in the making of the best knives in the world and getting the trust of the growing customer
with a high level of satisfaction as they have observed with Master Cutlery.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

9 Most Deadly knives in the World

There is a saying about the knives that “More the knife is sharper, the more deadly it can prove for your opponent”. There are people around the world, including knife enthusiasts and patients who are always willing to collect these knives to become a part of their collection. Knife Sharpeners are also an essential tool which helps the knives to remain sharp for a longer time.

You might have seen many knives online, but today I am going to present to you the 9 most deadly knives in the world. Knives tends to have a perspective of being deadly, and if it is not, then there is no benefit of keeping those knives along with you.

Gerber Mark II Combat Knife
This knife was actually seen by some experts, and people in armies around the world, as being too ferocious and it was actually taken off the market some time later. It does look like a rather nasty piece of equipment and one single blow can easily result in your death, so that fact alone makes it dangerous.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Karambit An Introduction to Kuka-Bima

Karambit Knife or “Kuka-Bima” is the most popular knife amongst all the knife enthusiasts and the people who have any sought of interest in the utility knives are attracted towards these knives.  Today, people around the world want to know more about these curved blade knives and about the origin of these blades.
Actually the origin of these curved blade karambit knives was from states Indonesian archipelago with roots in Malaysia and the Philippines where they were first seen. The design of these Karambit knives is taken from the curve shape of Tiger’s claw.
These curved combat knives have a type of concealed blades and the blades too have an option of single or double edged.
Now I will begin with some of the advantages of these Knives which will definitely attract most of the knife enthusiasts.

Monday, 10 November 2014

10 Reasons Every Person Should Carry A Pocket Knife

It is always correctly said that “A knife is Man’s best friend in need”. That’s the same thing I can say for the best pocket knives which every person is using for its everyday carry, when they are out for some work or so. Today everyone needs a tool for self defence situations which they can carry in their pocket as well.

Today there are people around the world who are not yet aware of the benefits of having sharp pocket knives for their everyday carry. They generally ask for the reasons behind pocket knives having the upper hand over other knives in case of emergency situations.
Now I am going to present some reasons which support the statement that “Pocket knife is a tool which every person should for its everyday carry.”

Friday, 31 October 2014

16 facts about folding knives that will impress your friends

Everyone and especially knife lovers have many queries regarding the folding knives. Their queries include the functionality of the folding knives to the various applications for which it can be used. They also want to know about the origin of these folding knives.

Tac Force Folding Knife India
An assisted folding knife or popularly known as as a pocket knife, is a foldable knife with a blade that fits inside the handle that easily fits into anybody’s pocket. They prove to be versatile tools and may be used for anything from opening an envelope, cutting twine, performing  an emergency tracheotomy, slicing a piece or as a means of self defense.

HistoryThe earliest known Folding knives date to at least the early Iron Age. A pocket knife with a bone handle was found at the Hallstatt Culture type site in Austria, dating to around 600-500 BCE. 

Iberian folding-blade knives made by indigenous artisans and craftsmen and dating to the pre-Roman era have been found in Spain.