Monday, 16 February 2015

Are knives legal in India?

There is always a general query among the knife enthusiasts in India that what types of knives are legal in India and what are illegal. They are mostly confused before opting for buy knives online in India. The main reason behind this confusion is that the weapons laws in the states of India are not clearly known to them. 
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Kartar Knife

The question arises that who is going to decide whether a knife should be under illegal or illegal category.  How can a person know that the knife which he/she is buying gets into which category (illegal or illegal).
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The current scenario for the legality of knives in India is that:
·         It is illegal to carry spring actuated knives
·         It is illegal to carry Button actuated knives
·         It is illegal to carry knives of more than the specified length (perhaps 9 inches)or breadth (2 inches).

If you are found in possession of one or take it out (technically ready to use) You are guilty of a non-bailable offense under the Arms act-1959. What happens on the spot, I will not be able to foresee. As long as you have a utility knife on you, shouldn’t be a problem. I often carry a Swiss army knife myself on outstation trips in India.
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Knives are generally meant for knife enthusiasts who want to show their love for knives, law enforcement, self defense, etc. There are people in India who might be fond of these scary knives and want to buy them as well, but they are not sure that whether these will be permitted to carry all day around and it will be legal or illegal in the sight of the India’s weapons laws.
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According to my knowledge about the weapons laws in India, it’s legal to carry a knife below 9 inches in length or 2 inch in width. But there are laws abide on some knives that they are not allowed to be taken with you at certain places like inside theatres, airports, metro stations, etc. Except to the laws of the Indian states, there are rules and regulations imposed by individuals in their authorized properties like restaurants, hotels and other public places.
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The knife which looks to be fine for one might look scary to the other. Their various knife online stores which are selling knives as well with a warning that you should buy them according to the laws of your states. They are also not sure about the arms law of the state where you live.

At the end of this whole discussion, I personally believe that the legality or illegality of scary knives in India is a topic of great concern and it needs the higher authority to clarifies the arms laws, so that no innocent person gets behind the bars because of it.

I will highly appreciate any comments from any of you or some key points I might be missing for the above discussed topic.


  1. As far as I know it is illegal to carry a prohibited weapon in India, and a prohibited bladed/edged weapon is defined as anything with a blade (sharp edge) longer than 9 inches and wider than 2 inches (These would be considered swords)
    It therefore stands to reason than any knife shorter than 9 inches and narrower than 2 inches would be legal carry anywhere that does not SPECIFICALLY ask you not to carry (airports/metros/etc)
    Then again, use of a knife in self defense is gray if anything. The word "Criminal Intent" comes to mind.
    But either ways, if youre in a dark place, alone and get attacked, by all means use that knife. Your life is more important than possible legal action.
    I carry a 3" fixed blade btw

  2. Replies
    1. I have 12 butterfly knifes 4 are actually quite blunt and others are considerably sharp on asking few of my elders and one of my brothers(who is in Police) it is not illegal to carry a butterfly knife as they are all under 9" (length) and under 2" width (come on who can spin an 9" blade between their fingers) but morally it is recommended not to do so unless it's Balisong (butterfly) trainer as it might be seen with "criminal intent", owning them is not a problem, just keep it inside house, oil it, love it, make videos that all is just fine. Same actually goes with swords no authority provides license for swords (never seen one) so I guess its fine to own them not carry them around like its medieval times. I have most of thr swords and knives but I don't carry them around. Stay safe and play with the trainer first.

  3. Can I carry Karambit in cabin luggage while flying on a domestic flight?

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  5. So u cannot carry a button knife even if it is shoter than 9" and 2"??