Tuesday, 25 November 2014

9 Most Deadly knives in the World

There is a saying about the knives that “More the knife is sharper, the more deadly it can prove for your opponent”. There are people around the world, including knife enthusiasts and patients who are always willing to collect these knives to become a part of their collection. Knife Sharpeners are also an essential tool which helps the knives to remain sharp for a longer time.

You might have seen many knives online, but today I am going to present to you the 9 most deadly knives in the world. Knives tends to have a perspective of being deadly, and if it is not, then there is no benefit of keeping those knives along with you.

Gerber Mark II Combat Knife
This knife was actually seen by some experts, and people in armies around the world, as being too ferocious and it was actually taken off the market some time later. It does look like a rather nasty piece of equipment and one single blow can easily result in your death, so that fact alone makes it dangerous.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Karambit An Introduction to Kuka-Bima

Karambit Knife or “Kuka-Bima” is the most popular knife amongst all the knife enthusiasts and the people who have any sought of interest in the utility knives are attracted towards these knives.  Today, people around the world want to know more about these curved blade knives and about the origin of these blades.
Actually the origin of these curved blade karambit knives was from states Indonesian archipelago with roots in Malaysia and the Philippines where they were first seen. The design of these Karambit knives is taken from the curve shape of Tiger’s claw.
These curved combat knives have a type of concealed blades and the blades too have an option of single or double edged.
Now I will begin with some of the advantages of these Knives which will definitely attract most of the knife enthusiasts.

Monday, 10 November 2014

10 Reasons Every Person Should Carry A Pocket Knife

It is always correctly said that “A knife is Man’s best friend in need”. That’s the same thing I can say for the best pocket knives which every person is using for its everyday carry, when they are out for some work or so. Today everyone needs a tool for self defence situations which they can carry in their pocket as well.

Today there are people around the world who are not yet aware of the benefits of having sharp pocket knives for their everyday carry. They generally ask for the reasons behind pocket knives having the upper hand over other knives in case of emergency situations.
Now I am going to present some reasons which support the statement that “Pocket knife is a tool which every person should for its everyday carry.”