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How To Throw Kunai At Your Target

People around the world are talking about the most popular Japanese tool i.e Kunai which is possibly derived from the masonry towel. Today, many enthusiast’s interest is shifting to the unique Kunai as they have seen these tools in the hands of martial arts experts and usually used as multi-functional weapon.  These Kunai are commonly associated with the Ninjas, who used it to gouge the hole’s walls.
Kunai Knife India

Today I am going to say something about “How to Throw Kunai at Your Target”. But before I start discussing about the same, I would like to give a brief about the Kunai. Kunai normally had a leaf-shaped blade and a handle with a ring on the pommel for attaching a rope. This would allow the kunai's handle to be wrapped to act as a grip or, when used as a weapon, to be strapped to a stick as an expedient spear; to be tied to the body for concealment; or to use as an anchor or piton.

The kunai is highly suitable for digging, a task that every warrior living outside needs, and the end hole makes it easy to tie a rope at the end of the kunai. This rope and the weight of the weapon itself, make the kunai a deadly and accurate throwing knife. The rope at the end makes not only for a better retrieval, but is the stabilizing force, allowing the cone to fly parallel to the ground.

Following are the techniques which are usually used for throwing kunai at your target:

This is the most Hold the kunai and put it in the spot you feel most comfortable throwing it (for me it is over my shoulder) and throw it so that you let go when your arm is at a 45 degree angle and follow through.

Kunai are best used to spin like a drill. You can set up so that your hand is at your thigh and bring it up and forward, it should spin like crazy.

Straight Throw
This is the throwing techniques which is usually ninjas used to throw kunai knives. You can set up you kunai knife same as the spinning, but for straight through, you should throw at a 90 degree angle and you don't follow through from the throw.

Now when you have learnt about must of the techniques for throwing Kunai, people will have more interest in these weapons tools as they look very tactical and combat. The above mentioned techniques are not enough for the Kunai enthusiasts to get mastered in the throwing Kunai at your target.

For that, there are some instructions you should follow while using these techniques while aiming your target.

·         Stand five to seven feet back, facing the target with your arms at your sides and your knees slightly bent. Grip the handle of a Kunai knife lightly in your dominant hand with the point of the weapon toward the target.

·         Pinch the flat tip of the Kunai knife between the side of your index finger and end of your thumb on your dominant hand. Raise the hand holding the knife to about the height of your ear so the squeezed tip is pointing toward the target. Extend the raised hand toward the centre of the target slowly to aim the throw without releasing the weapon.

·         Raise the hand holding the Kunai knife to about the height of your ear with the point facing away from the target. Extend the raised hand toward the centre of the target to aim the throw. Release the handle of the Kunai knife at full extension without flipping your wrist to guide the throw to the target.
·         Drop your arm quickly from the raised position and release your grip on the tip without flipping your wrist when your arm has almost reached full extension. Releasing a little before full forward causes the Kunai knife to tumble on its way to the target.

So, that’s my take on the techniques and instructions which are used for throwing Kunai at your target. I want to provide to all the Kunai enthusiast some tips and warnings that they should also follow.

·         Choose a throwing area outdoors or a large indoor space clear of breakable items. A minimum of 10 feet of free space in front of and on either side of the target is sufficient.

·         Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing when throwing Kunai knives. Restrictive clothing changes the throwing motion and may send a knife in the wrong direction.

·         Use a kitchen knife honing tool to straighten the edges of the blade within an inch of the tip if quickly thrown knives are hitting the target and falling.

·         Throwing Kunai knives is a potentially dangerous activity that should not be practiced without adult supervision and careful preparation.

So that’s my take on the how to throw Kunai at your target.

I also want to conclude that there might be techniques and instructions which might be used for throwing Kunai at your target. But the above mentioned techniques, instructions, tip and warning are my point of view towards it.

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