Sunday, 26 April 2015

How to carry knives in your daily life

I do always believe that the knives and other knife accessories are the best friend in need. Knives are not restricted to the kitchens only, but they are being used as self defense knives and as an everyday carry tool for outdoor. Today the major population of the world is carrying knives and other self defense utilities like folding knives, pocket knives, pen knives and nowadays the batons are also being used in daily life for outdoors and at home as well. 

Knives are considered as best survival knife used for outdoors survival trips like adventure trekking, camping, hunting and trekking as well. Not only carrying knives is restricted to these adventurous trips but people love to carry knives in their daily life as well like keep them at home, taking them to office and wherever they go out from their home. People today need to know how to carry knives safely for their everyday carry knives.

Today I am here for ways the people are carrying knives in their daily life:

Pen Knives

Pen Knife India

Pen knives are considered as the best everyday carry tools which are easy to conceal in your pocket and revealed in no time in case of an unforeseen emergency. Pen knives actually don’t look like knives at all and they can find their best place on your study desk as well. You can carry these pen knives to a place where you want to keep some good self defense weapons but doesn’t want it to be noticeable it to anyone.

Folding Knives

Folding Knife India

I consider that the foldable knives are the most commonly used tools for their everyday carry to outdoors. These foldable knives would be every convenient as they get into your pocket as well. I recommend that you should carry the plain edges, folding knives as there might be less chances that you get hurt you back. 

Pocket Knives

Pocket Knife India

When you think of the best utility knife anybody would love to use for its everyday carry  for outdoor work, Pocket knives are the perfect tool.  I do believe that Knives are the most important tool which are Man’s best friend in need. These knives are the one which easily finds its place in the pocket and you can bring it along with you even to your workplace as they are easy to conceal as well.


Expandable Batons Knife India

The batons which are popularly known as Truncheon that you must have seen in the hands of the cops used in self defense and law enforcement in the various states of the world. Now these expandable batons are commonly accepted as a self defense tool which people love to carry for their everyday carry to outdoors. These batons are generally carried in your bag or tied along your waist for fast assistance.

So that’s my take on how to carry knives n your daily life.

I also want to conclude that there might be several knives , which might also be perfect and loved by people for their everyday carry to outdoors. But I have made my own assumption for these knives to be the best for daily life.

Today there might be many options to buy knives online , but you have to pick the best one for you. Knife India would be a nice place to get these knives for daily life. I would definitely appreciate any views of yours in the above context or any points I might be missing.


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