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How To Buy Knives Online in India

Are you thinking of buy knives online, then hold a bit before you are going to get the knife thinking it to be the perfect knife for you. As I always say there are no best knives in the world which will have the guarantee that it will be perfect for all and applicable to all the situations and applications as well. 

Before I get to start, I need to clear that before jumping to buy knives, you must first think of what exactly is your purpose or the various applications you will be using them. You need to decide whether you are going to get a stainless steel knife or ceramic knives depending on your requirements as there are many knife materials available for the buyer to choose from. 

Now it’s time to start with my suggestions on How to buy knives online in India. 

Pocket Knife India

Choose the best Knife Store in India

If you are planning to get a knife, then choose the best knife store in India.  I highly recommend the knife lovers and enthusiasts get the knives from some good online stores that stocks a variety of knives including the kitchen knife Set, camping knife, hunting knives, folding knives, karambit knife, Pocket knives, Multitool¸ Kukri and other knife accessories. Knife India would be a nice option for the online knife stores from which you can get the knife you would be looking for. Knife India is one of the biggest online sellers of knife and other knife accessories  and they are having their physical store as well.  Though there are many other online stores like amazon, ebay, flipkart, etc. 

Buy knives online in India

Decide The Purpose of the Knife

Then it’s time to decide the purpose of knives you are looking for. If you are looking for some outdoor knives then you should get some best survival knives which can be any fixed blade or a foldable knife. You can choose from the two versions for the survival knives: Serrated knives or non-serrated knives. If you are looking for some good chef knife set, then you should get some stainless steel or ceramic knives.  If you are looking for some good everyday carry tool, then get the best pocket knife.

Choose the various brands

For the best survival knives, there are many famous brands like Cold Steel, Gerber, Tac Force etc. In the context of the kitchen knife, Victorinox would be the best for your modular kitchen. And lastly, for everyday carry to outdoors, the Leatherman pocket knives would be the perfect.  I do recommend Knife India as they are selling the knife accessories of the major brands around the world.

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Blade Type

This is the most important decision the knife buyer has to make for the knife he/she is going to buy. There are broadly two categories of the blades: serrated knife blade and non-serrated knife blade. Partially serrated knife blades can also be considered as one of the blade type. For the kitchen knives, both the serrated and plain edge knives are used in all the kitchens. But the plain edge knife is more occasional as compared to the serrated blade. This is because the serrated blades are used for heavy-duty applications which are seldom used in your kitchen. For the everyday carry knives, I would highly recommend the plain edge knives as they are one which best suits your everyday outdoors. Talking about the outdoors survival knives, the serrated knife blade is preferred over the plain edge knives because in the survival trips there is always a need for a high-duty applications knife which a serrated knife can only perform. You can get the best blade type that you wish to buy online in India.

Blade Material

Usually, there are three types of blade materials used, namely: Stainless Steel Blades, Iron blades and Ceramic blades. There are some sub categories to the stainless steel comprising the high carbon stainless which are sharper and durable as compared to its counterparts. At the present time the Iron blades are not considered good as they not durable and they get rusted every quickly even with a change in the environment. Stainless steel blades would be the best option for almost all types of knives used as kitchen knives, everyday carry pocket knives and the best survival knives for trips like camping, trekking, hiking and all. Ceramic blades are one of the knife types, mostly used in the kitchens. These blades are made of coarse material and are fragile in nature which means that with a fall on the floor there might be chances that they broke up. So, that’s why these knife blades are mostly used for the kitchen purpose.

Determine the Price you can pay

Now it’s time to decide that what amount you are planning to pay for the knife you are going to buy. For that, you should compare the price of the knives at various online stores and then decide which is providing the best price.  

So, that’s my personal opinion on How to buy knives online in India.

The opinion which I have drawn above is the best according to my knowledge and experience that I have gained.  But there might be a chance that I have not mentioned any key points that need to be added, So I highly appreciate any valuable suggestion or comments for regarding the above discussed topic.

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