Sunday, 26 April 2015

How to carry knives in your daily life

I do always believe that the knives and other knife accessories are the best friend in need. Knives are not restricted to the kitchens only, but they are being used as self defense knives and as an everyday carry tool for outdoor. Today the major population of the world is carrying knives and other self defense utilities like folding knives, pocket knives, pen knives and nowadays the batons are also being used in daily life for outdoors and at home as well. 

Knives are considered as best survival knife used for outdoors survival trips like adventure trekking, camping, hunting and trekking as well. Not only carrying knives is restricted to these adventurous trips but people love to carry knives in their daily life as well like keep them at home, taking them to office and wherever they go out from their home. People today need to know how to carry knives safely for their everyday carry knives.

Today I am here for ways the people are carrying knives in their daily life:

Pen Knives

Pen Knife India

Friday, 17 April 2015

How to Keep Your Knives Sharp And Shining

At the present time the need and importance of knives for everyday use and for the outdoors is needless to say. Same goes with the how to sharp knife at home for all the knife collectors and the people who are using them in their daily schedule. Everyone wants to know the best way to sharpen a knife  with the best knife sharpener which they can use for both at the home and for outdoors.

For keeping your knives sharp and shining, you should choose the best knife sharpener according to the knives you might be using like the stainless steel knives, ceramic knives, kitchen knife set and many more. There is always a confusion that what are the various knife sharpening tools like knife sharpening stones, electric knife sharpeners, ceramic knife sharpeners, honing steel and the list goes on with the advent of new technologies.

Another aspect comes from the kitchen admin who really need to know how to sharpen kitchen knives at home. They want an easy to use sharpening knives which get sharpened efficiently and effectively with some sought of knife sharpeners.

Today I am here to list some professional knife sharpeners which will seek out the problem of how to sharpen knife.

Ceramic Knife Sharpeners

Ceramic Knife sharpeners Knife India

These ceramic knife sharpeners are very efficient in sharpening almost any type of knife, whether the kitchen knives or the tactical combat knives as well. Accusharp is the most famous brand which makes the best knife sharpeners and they are easy to carry in your bag as well. The accusharp reviews are very good in compliance with to be used by all the kitchen chefs. Some people also want to known how to sharpen pocket knife, for them these knife sharpeners are best to start with.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Best Karambit Knives in India

As I always say that knives are considered more than mere Kitchen Tools to be used in any modular kitchen. Nowadays there are many tactical folding knives like karambit knife which are very popular among knife lovers, knife enthusiasts and other knife collectors. 

Karambits knives  are also famous with the name of “KuKa-Bima” and the most tactical knives used in the combats and other martial arts techniques like karate, taekwondo, and others in India. These curved blade knives or karambit takes its shape from the Tiger’s claw.

Before getting into the best karambit knives in India, I would like to tell more about these knife types which will include the history and how it has evolved at the present time. Actually the origin of these curved blade karambit knives was from states Indonesian archipelago with roots in Malaysia and the Philippines where they were first seen. The design of these Karambit knives is taken from the curve shape of Tiger’s claw. These curved combat knives have a type of concealed blades and the blades too have an option of single or double edged.

Today, I am going to list some good karambit knives which are most popular in India.

MTech Claw Neck Karambit Knife

MTech Claw Neck Karambit Knife

This is the karambit knife from MTech is not just convenient, effective and light to carry, but is the miniature form of the most tactical karambit knives in India. This knife has a plain blade edge and has a great handgrip as this is a small knife and just every easy to hold and deploy.