Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Knife Collecting Is A Unique Hobby

Knife Collecting is a passion for all knife enthusiasts and have now become a unique hobby as well, which motivates them to have all the survival knives which can be used for everyday carrying to outdoor  and other survival trips like camping, hunting, trekking or hiking as the best self defense knives. Knife collecting is not restricted to these applications but nowadays knife lovers keep them to showcase their passion towards knives and place them in their home decor as well which will attract the attention of all the visitors.
I really want to say that Knife collecting is a unique hobby which we inherit from our ancestors who have discovered knives and have used them for their daily tasks.  At that time the most common material for making survival knives were the gold and iron, the blades were used to be made from iron and hand grips are made from pure gold.  After they developed to make good knives and started using them for the purpose of self defense and collect them to store at their place to showcase them to others.
Today I am going to put in front of you the knives types which are most used for collecting by knife lovers and enthusiasts around the globe.

Folding Knives
Folding Knife India

Today, the need of the knife collectors is the tools which can be used for everyday carrying to outdoors. For that, the best foldable knives which can be put into the pocket and are easy to reveal as well. There are many best folding knife brands such as Cold Steel, Tac Force, KaBar, MTech knives and many more which are world famous for their pocket knives and are being appreciated by knife collectors.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Best Cutlery Institutes in India

Cutlery Knives seem to be utility tool which has been used for centuries with the evolution of human species on earth. But the form of these knives has changed a lot from the past compared to todays exquisite range of kitchen knives which are present in many forms according to the applications of it.

Today there are cooking enthusiasts who are willing to get mastered over handling these various forms of kitchen knives which would be used in various applications in either technique of cooking. 

I do believe that cooking is an art which requires some training to be acquired before anyone can start making good recipes. The training is not required, only how to cook, but also how to handle the chef knives in an efficient and effective way so that the person fell confident while working with these utility tools.

Today, I am going to list out the best five cutlery institutes in India which provides the best training to all the cooking enthusiasts to equip them with the ability and skills to make good food and to handle & implement the kitchen knives during the execution.