Friday, 31 October 2014

16 facts about folding knives that will impress your friends

Everyone and especially knife lovers have many queries regarding the folding knives. Their queries include the functionality of the folding knives to the various applications for which it can be used. They also want to know about the origin of these folding knives.

Tac Force Folding Knife India
An assisted folding knife or popularly known as as a pocket knife, is a foldable knife with a blade that fits inside the handle that easily fits into anybody’s pocket. They prove to be versatile tools and may be used for anything from opening an envelope, cutting twine, performing  an emergency tracheotomy, slicing a piece or as a means of self defense.

HistoryThe earliest known Folding knives date to at least the early Iron Age. A pocket knife with a bone handle was found at the Hallstatt Culture type site in Austria, dating to around 600-500 BCE. 

Iberian folding-blade knives made by indigenous artisans and craftsmen and dating to the pre-Roman era have been found in Spain.