Friday, 30 January 2015

10 Myths Uncovered About Knives in India

The commonly heard statement about knives in India is “Knives are Men’s Best Friend”. This is undoubtedly a perfect truth. But in India we do have some uncovered myths about knives which always comes on the other side of perfect truths. 

 These uncovered myths about knives in India  are not discovered at the present time, but inherited from  our ancestors’ belief  which they felt centuries ago. India has developed a lot at the present time, but it might not come over off the myths which they have been following for decades.
It’s time to reveal some myths about knives in India, which are still remain uncovered:
Gifting Knives Knife India

It's bad luck to give a knife as a gift because it "cuts" the friendship/ relationship
Every year, thousands of knives are given as gifts for many special occasions -- weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, graduations -- with no reports of negative consequences. For those who want to err on the safe side: a penny can be taped to the gift-wrapping and the recipient can "pay" the donor for the gift.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Best Coghlan's Camping Accessories in India

At the present time, it's necessary to have the best knives to be taken along with you for your everyday outdoors and to the adventurous trips like camping, hunting, hiking, trekking, etc. In India, there is a sudden increase in the survival tours like camping, hiking, etc and this is because of the shift of interests of a major part of a population towards them. But I believe that we should be well prepared for such outdoors and should have all the camping accessories included in our Bug Out Bag.

 Coghlan camping accessories are most popular in India among all the camping enthusiasts and the passionate people who want to risk their life in the dangerous survival expeditions. Knife enthusiasts and knife lovers also have their interest Coghlans accessories as these can also used as a collectible utility. 

Coghlan’s knives are better known as the camping knives as their accessories are applicable in each and every task we perform during our outdoor. Coghlans are world renowned among all the camping enthusiasts for the Magnesium fire starter kits which are very helpful to spark a fire in any wet conditions.

Today I am here to list the best Coghlans camping accessories in India.

Coghlan’s Pack Axe
This axe is a must pick tool for your accessory kit as it will help you to cut down the obstacles like the bushes which may come in your way.  This tool will also help in cutting the woods to be used as a fuel for burning when it turns dark. This comes with a non-slip rubber for a secure grip when in operations. You can store this in a nylon sheath for protection.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Popular Karambit Knives in India

You might have seen many knives online which have become very popular during the last decade. These knives doesn’t contribute only to branded knives like Gerber knives India, Cold Steel, Tac force, etc, but also includes the traditional knives like Rampuri knives, Kirpan, Kartar knives have become popular due to its origin and beliefs. You might have heard about the Karambit knives which is most popular around the whole because of its curved shape. 

Karambit Knife or you might have heard people calling it “Kuka-Bima” is the most tactical knives which is mostly used for self defense and applicable for everyday carry. These curved combat knives take its origin from the states of Indonesia, where it took the shape the Tiger’s claw.
Tac Force Raptor, Claw Knife, India 
Before starting with the popular forms of Karambit knives in India, I would first like to explain about its history and how it has evolved in the present scenario. Actually the origin of these curved blade karambit knives was from states Indonesian archipelago with roots in Malaysia and the Philippines where they were first seen. The design of these Karambit knives is taken from the curve shape of Tiger’s claw. These curved combat knives have a type of concealed blades and the blades too have an option of single or double edged.