Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Karambit An Introduction to Kuka-Bima

Karambit Knife or “Kuka-Bima” is the most popular knife amongst all the knife enthusiasts and the people who have any sought of interest in the utility knives are attracted towards these knives.  Today, people around the world want to know more about these curved blade knives and about the origin of these blades.
Actually the origin of these curved blade karambit knives was from states Indonesian archipelago with roots in Malaysia and the Philippines where they were first seen. The design of these Karambit knives is taken from the curve shape of Tiger’s claw.
These curved combat knives have a type of concealed blades and the blades too have an option of single or double edged.
Now I will begin with some of the advantages of these Knives which will definitely attract most of the knife enthusiasts.

Tac Force Curved Karambit Knife India

Easy to carry

There are many ways that a Karambit can be carried. There are basically two types of Karambits and they are either fixed (where there are no moving parts) and folding (in which the blade safely folds into the handle). Any fixed blade can be carried in at least four different positions:
  •  In the front of your body behind your belt
  • Hanging on your belt, on your hip
  •  With the safety ring pointing downward
  • Hanging from around your neck

A folding Karambit, on the other hand, is a little more convenient in that it doesn’t require a sheath and almost always has some type of a clip that allows you to wear it in your pocket, along your waistline or wherever you may feel comfortable.

Tac Force Curved Karambit Knife IndiaSelf Defense
Used for self-defense, in the rare event of an attack on your person, the Karambit, possessing unparalleled defensive tactics, capabilities, serves as an outstanding equalizer in matters of ensuring personal safety. Used as a martial arts implement, the Karambit demonstrates exceptional adaptability in martial arts applications as a result of its special operational attributes.

Utility Knife
Like any knife, it can be used as a steak knife, a kitchen knife, or even a fishing knife. Even as an outdoors-man there are numerous utilitarian uses for the Karambit such as gutting, filleting, scoring, cutting, clipping, scaling, etc.

MTech Curved Karambit Knife IndiaKarambit has two brakes. The front brake is for application of the thumb or the 3rd in downward cutting. The rear brake is for application of the meaty portion of the palm or the 2nd finger  in upward cutting.

Locking Mechanism
Unlike what you may be used to seeing on older folding knives the Front Lock System is a more recent and modern invention which literally interlocks two pieces of steel and engages an additional "safety bar" which doubles the security of the lock. This is the exact reason why some people complain "it seems a little stiff when closing" - because in order to otherwise defeat the Front Lock System you'd literally need to break the two pieces of interlocking hardened steel with your bare hands.

At the end of this I want to conclude that there might be several other advantages of the karambit knives which might be important and which I might have skipped. But I have made my own assumption that these five advantages are the most appropriate for the Karambits.

Today there might be many options of folding karambit knives for sale, but you have to pick the best one for you . I would definitely appreciate any views of yours in the above context or any points I might be missing.

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