Monday, 10 November 2014

10 Reasons Every Person Should Carry A Pocket Knife

It is always correctly said that “A knife is Man’s best friend in need”. That’s the same thing I can say for the best pocket knives which every person is using for its everyday carry, when they are out for some work or so. Today everyone needs a tool for self defence situations which they can carry in their pocket as well.

Today there are people around the world who are not yet aware of the benefits of having sharp pocket knives for their everyday carry. They generally ask for the reasons behind pocket knives having the upper hand over other knives in case of emergency situations.
Now I am going to present some reasons which support the statement that “Pocket knife is a tool which every person should for its everyday carry.”

Folding Knife India

Being Handy
We humans are pretty good at grabbing things, tearing things, chewing things, pulling things and even pushing them. One thing we can't do at all without the aid of a tool, is cutting things.
Keeping a knife in your pocket at all times allows you to easily, immediately and one-handedly respond to virtually any cutting task.

Self Defence
The pocket knives are no doubt the best self defence tools which could safeguard yourself in case of any unforeseen emergencies.

First aid
A sharp blade Swiss pocket knife is indispensable in administering first aid. You can use it to cut clothing into strips for limb splints or bandages and to cut sutures after stitching a wound.

Folding Knife IndiaWhy need a screwdriver?
Use the point to tighten those small screws that always seem to be loose on the stem of your sunglasses or eyeglasses or for any miniature screw. There are small tool kits just for this purpose, but you cannot lug around a toolbox every day, so instead of carrying a dozen tools carry one that can perform a dozen tasks, a tool such as a pocket knife.

Making a Fire
With enough practice and skill, all you need to start a fire is dry wood, some string, and a knife. While you should hopefully have matches or a lighter to start a fire as well, a simple pocket knife can help you make kindling, find dry wood inside wet wood, and even spark a fire with the help of a flint.

Opening a Can
Multitool Pocket Knife IndiaWith all the canned food being served in bug in and bug out locations, what happens if you lose the can opener? While there are some methods to open a can without a can opener, the most readily at hand method is with a knife that’s fits in a pocket.

Food Preparations
Pocket knives become the best tools in case you don’t find the right knife to cut the food/fruits during any outdoor trips. This knife provides the benefits of multiple applications.

Leatherman Multitool knife IndiaFishing
From cutting line to removing hooks, a trusty pocket knife is mandatory for any fisherman.  Plus, if the fish aren't biting, at least you can use the bottle opener on your knife to pop open a cold drink.

Emergency Exit
The butt end of the pocket knife is very beneficial in emergency situations in which you want to get out of something. You can use the butt end of the pocket knives to strike the glass of the vehicle you caught in and get off of it before it is too late.

Making knives
A small pocket knife is capable enough to crave a pointed edge weapon from the wooden stuffs which adds on to your weapons list in case you are out for some camping or hunting.

Today there might be many options to buy pocket knives online, but you have to pick the best one for you after considering the factors discussed above.

I would definitely appreciate any views of yours in the above context or any points I might be missing.

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