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How To Choose Right Knife Sharpeners for Your Knives

It’s not wrong to say that “Knives are Man’s friend in Need”. Today there are millions of people around the world who believed in the same way. There might be people who have not come across any sought of knife online in their lifespan. Knife sharpeners are no doubt the most essential utility tools you have come across with as compared to other utility tools.

Once I heard a phrase which says that “A dull knife is more dangerous as compared to a sharpen edge knife”. I really appreciate this phrase and also believe in it.  Today the scenario of knives has changed a lot from which was like decades before. Knives are generating interest among all age group not as a utility tool to be used in the kitchen, but have taken it to a higher level. Now a days people, or rather I would like to call them knives enthusiasts and knife lovers are considering these knives for the purpose of self defense, camping or hunting trips, outdoor survival, and last but not the least these knives are being used as an article to be placed in your home decor. These knives are also being used for everyday carry when people are going for some outdoors.

I have heard many a times from people who love  to collect knives as collectibles and for everyday carry that their knife’s edges are getting dull and they are confused about the tools they should use to make them sharp again.
I would like to suggest all the knife user that they should use any sought of good knife sharpener which would be the best tool to get their knife edges razor sharp.

Today I am going to discuss about these knife sharpeners and how you should choose the right knife sharpeners for your knives. First of all you must think about what type of knife sharpener would be the best of you. This discussion is made after thinking that what types of knives you are carrying and then you should decide the right knife sharpener for you.

Here I am going to list some good knife sharpeners which would be suited to sharpen almost every knife and are most frequently used by the all the knife lovers and enthusiasts all around the world.

Sharpening Stones

Sharpening stones are the best knife sharpening tools you can use for sharpening your big blade knives. These sharpening stones are suitable to be used for the knives like kitchen knives, butcher knives, and other large blade knives. These sharpening stones use the traditional method, in which is the knife is slid against the wet stone in the opposite directions. These are suitable to be carried along with you when you are out for some camping or hunting.

Diamond Knife Sharpeners

These small sharpeners are used for serrated blades, gut hooks and fish hooks. They are often sold in a Pen Style where the tapered rods are carried in a case similar to a writing pen.

Electric knife sharpeners

These knife sharpeners typically come in the shape of a rectangular box with about three slots to place the blade in. Within the sharpener, there is a motorized wheel that spins. While electric knife sharpeners are known for their convenience and speed, they are often criticized for giving less control over the process and being bulkier than other methods. Also, these sharpeners are much more effective with kitchen knives than tactical or survival knives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sharpening Steel

Sharpening steels are long, narrow rods made out of steel or ceramic. This design minimizes the contact made with the blade, so it doesn't shave off much material. Instead, they deform and realign the blade into its original shape, which is why sharpening steels are important to use immediately before and after a knife is utilized. Sharpening steels began as hardened steel rods. With steel rods, the surface was disrupted to provide an abrasion. These were only useful for light honing and reshaping the metal on the edge back into alignment. These are perfect to be used for sharpening serrated and plain edge Knives.

Knife Hones

Knife Hones are quite similar to the Sharpening Steel as they cannot be used to sharpen a completely dull knife because they use steel and stone to take off a small amount of material from the blade. Knife hones come in different styles and sizes. These are perfect to be used for sharpening fixed blade knives.

So that’s my opinion how you can choose the right knife sharpeners for your knives.

The above listed knife sharpeners seems to be the best according to my knowledge and opinion. There are some others knife sharpeners which are good and are not listed above.

Knives are the most common utility tool which you should choose kept in mind all you need and applications. Today there are many options for Knife sharpeners in India. I would definitely appreciate any views of yours in the above context or any points I might be missing.

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